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Confereces & Meetings in 2022

IOSTE International Organization for Science and Technology Education Title: “Esperançar in uncertainty times: the role of science and technology education in/for a changing world”

The PhD Day in ISCAR 2021 Natal/Brazil

The PhD Day activities held within the 6th Congress of the International Society for Cultural-Historical Activity Research represent how much the research community looks up to the future without neglecting the past. In this edition, 14 out of 23 participants were Brazilians. As Brazil has a vibrant research community on cultural-historical approach, the engagement and participation of Brazilians would not be different. Unfortunately, we could not meet all in person. Natal is suited for this type of meeting in which we start the discussion in presentation rooms and continue it somewhere near the beach. But that was the only thing to regret.

The initial challenge: understand how Twitter works.

As a millennial, can I understand how Twitter works? – Well, it should be easy, since the largest age group (more than 38%) is between 25 - 34 years old. Sure, most people can use it. Yet do they understand it? I remember the first time someone told me about Twitter. It was sometime around 2008. I did not grasp the notion that 140 characters could be enough to convey an exciting idea.